• File ID: Displays the one or two character identifier that will be included in the name of the next file saved. It is also included in the acknowledgement line submitted to the MPC. Automatically incremented during normal use, but can be edited, e.g. can be changed to an ID that has already been used to cause an existing file to be overwritten if required. The first 26 files saved on a particular session date will use File IDs A-Z. If more files are saved File IDs will increment from A0-A9, then AA-AZ and continue through B0-BZ etc., up to ZZ, allowing for 962 different File IDs per day.
  • Submission History / Exclude submitted: Each time astrometry is submitted to the MPC the individual lines are added to the Submission History drop-down list to allow the user check what has been sent since the program was started. If astrometry is being read from the Astrometrica ADESReport.psv file, then astrometry that has already been sent to the MPC will re-appear in the upper edit area if F5 is pressed to refresh the screen, unless Exclude submitted is ticked, which causes all lines already added to the Submission History to be suppressed from being displayed. If the Astrometrica ADESReport.psv file does not exist then Exclude Submitted will be disabled. See Submission History / Excluding lines for more information.
  • Report to NEOfixer?: Only available when Type is NEOCP, PCCP, NEO or NEO_VI and when all NEOfixer configuration has been completed. If Report to NEOfixer? is ticked when Submit ADES astrometry file to the MPC is pressed a status of Reported will be sent to NEOfixer for each object in the ADES batch of astrometry. See Submitting Reported status to NEOfixer and NEOfixer settings, and how to use to Test integration with NEOfixer.
  • Next file name: Uses the current session date, the File ID and Type to construct the name of the next file to be used when the Save text as file button is pressed. Can be manually edited to override the name automatically generated.
  • File to submit: The name of the last file written using Save text as file, or the name of the last .psv file drag/dropped onto the Astrometry Parser. This is the file to be submitted if Submit ADES astrometry file to the MPC  or Validate ADES astrometry file is pressed. Can be manually edited to override the name automatically generated.
  • Observing Notes: A drop-down list of the single-character codes that can be used in the notes column of an ADES astrometry line. The ADES standard allows a maximum of 6 single-character Observing Notes codes on each line. The drop-down list is provided as a convenience, there is currently no provision to automatically update the Notes column of an astrometry line, the user must manually edit the ADES text in the upper edit area. Any Observing Notes codes present are checked against a list of valid codes maintained by the MPC when an ADES batch is submitted or validated. The MPC's list of Observing Notes is available here: https://www.minorplanetcenter.net/iau/info/ADESFieldValues.html.
  • Types: Displays a list of any objects that are either permanently numbered or have received provisional designations by the MPC and for each one indicates the type of object, e.g. NEO, Main-belt asteroid, comet. If an object is listed by Sentry with impact risks this will be flagged with 'VI' (virtual impactor). Information about the type of object is downloaded from the JPL Small Bodies Database Lookup (SBDB). Any objects with trkSub identifiers currently listed on the NEOCP or PCCP pages are also indicated. The list is refreshed each time the astrometry lines are re-parsed.

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