Submission History is a drop down list containing a line for each line of astrometry that has been submitted to the Minor Planet Center since the program was started. To save screen space, all blanks are removed so that more columns can fit on the screen.

In this screen shot, there are two lines of ADES astrometry in the upper edit area and two lines in the Submission history, already submitted to the Minor Planet Center. The Submission History list has been clicked, so a scrollable drop-down list of entries is displayed.

Excluding lines

Each time astrometry is submitted to the MPC the individual lines are added to the Submission History drop-down list to allow the user to review what has been submitted since the program was started.

If astrometry is being refreshed from the Astrometrica ADESReport.psv file (by pressing F5 or the button), then astrometry that has already been sent to the MPC would re-appear in the upper edit area, along with any newly measured astrometry.

To only display new (unsubmitted) astrometry when pressing F5, ensure the Exclude Submitted checkbox is ticked. This causes each line in the ADESReport.psv file in the Astrometrica logs path to be compared with the lines saved in the Submission History. Any lines that match are automatically excluded, so only new astrometry is shown in the ADES upper edit area when F5 is pressed.

Manual edits

However, if any edits are made to the astrometry before submitting to the MPC (e.g. by manually adding an Observing Note code in the notes column) then the submitted lines will not match the original lines contained in ADESReport.psv. Therefore the original lines will reappear in the ADES upper edit area when it is automatically refreshed after submission. So, immediately after submission, if there are any lines left in the ADESReport.psv file that do not match the submission history, the program will prompt the user with:

"x lines not submitted yet, do you want to add all unsubmitted lines to Submission history now?  Yes or No"

Replying Yes will add all the original, unedited lines into the Submission History so that they will all be suppressed from displaying in future.

Replying No will allow the lines to be displayed.

Manually excluding lines

At any time, one or more lines can be manually excluded by displaying the context (right-click) menu from the upper edit area to use the Exclude menu option. See context menu options for more information. The Add all unsubmitted lines in current ADESReport.psv to Submission history toolstrip button can also be used to exclude any remaining lines of astrometry.

Please note: If the file ADESReport.psv does not exist in the Astrometrica output folder then Exclude Submitted functionality is disabled.

Manually excluding and editing lines

If some astrometry lines need editing, e.g. to add an Observing Note code and there are also one or more lines in the ADES edit area that should not be submitted, e.g. the measurement was bad, then excluding the bad lines should be done before editing the remaining lines. The ADES edit area is refreshed from the Astrometrica ADESReport.psv file immediately after one or more lines are excluded which will overwrite any edits that may have already been made.

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