Astrometry Parser can be configured to send "Reported" status to NEOfixer when an ADES batch is submitted to the Minor Planet Center containing one or more already known NEOs (i.e. when Target Type is NEO or NEO_VI) or newly discovered objects awaiting confirmation (i.e. when Target Type is NEOCP or PCCP).


  • NEOfixer only accepts status updates for NEOs and NEOCP/PCCP objects. Sending status for other types of objects will cause NEOfixer to return an error code. Similarly, reporting a NEOCP or PCCP using its trkSub ID after the object has been removed from the NEOCP or PCCP pages will also cause NEOfixer to return an error code. In that situation, report the object using the new temporary or permanent designation issued by the MPC.
  • NEOCP (or PCCP) objects do not need Reported status to be sent to NEOfixer, as NEOfixer will directly process the astrometry from these objects as soon as it is made available, normally within a few minutes of an observer submitting their astrometry. However, it may be useful for other observers if Reported status is sent to NEOfixer when there are delays in the MPC processing pipeline.

Requirements for NEOfixer integration:

  • Access to a telescope with a Minor Planet Center observatory code.
  • A NEOfixer account. Use the NEOfixer registration page to request an account.
  • Configure the NEOfixer Settings in Astrometry Parser.
  • Tick the Report to NEOfixer? check box when submitting an ADES batch of astrometry of types NEOCP, PCCP, NEO_VI or NEO to the MPC.

Before sending real data to NEOfixer the configuration can be verified, see the next topic Test integration with NEOfixer for details. 

Read the NEOfixer FAQ for more general information about NEOfixer and why it exists.

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