The NEOfixer web service provides a facility to test connectivity. Astrometry Parser uses this test mode when validating a NEOCP, PCCP, NEO_VI or NEO batch.

After completing the steps listed in Submitting Reported status to NEOfixer, the configuration can be tested as follows:

Prepare an ADES astrometry batch of type NEOCP, PCCP, NEO_VI or NEO, containing astrometry for one or more objects. Make sure Report to NEOfixer? is ticked. 

The ADES text must be saved as a text file before validation, so after pressing Parse and Convert, press Save text as file.

Click the drop-down arrow on the Submit button and select validate then press the send button to test integration with NEOfixer. Be aware that the batch will also be passed to the MPC for syntax validation, see Validate ADES data.

Note: When validate is selected the ADES batch does NOT submit the astrometry for normal processing by the MPC or by NEOfixer, both services will validate the data but will not process the batch any further.

Information on the success or failure of the test with NEOfixer is displayed on the message line below the lower Edit area but all messages can be viewed by pressing the Open application log button and scrolling to the end of the document.

A successful test will show messages similar to:

2023/07/06 07:34:02.539 Starting submission of MPC20230705F_NEO.psv (test mode)

2023/07/06 07:34:04.031 File MPC20230705F_NEO.psv submitted (test mode)

2023/07/06 07:34:04.457 Reported 2023 MM1 to NEOfixer (test mode)

Here NEOfixer reports that the supplied APIKey is incorrect:

2023/07/06 07:58:55.574 Starting submission of MPC20230705F_NEO.psv (test mode)

2023/07/06 07:58:57.202 File MPC20230705F_NEO.psv submitted (test mode)

2023/07/06 07:58:57.634 Error code -32602 returned from NEOfixer for 2023 MM1 in test mode (That account key is not allowed to report for site J95.)

This example shows the response when the object being reported is not known to NEOfixer:

2023/07/06 07:32:38.784 Starting submission of MPC20230705E_NEO.psv (test mode)

2023/07/06 07:32:41.076 File MPC20230705E_NEO.psv submitted (test mode)

2023/07/06 07:32:41.708 Error code -32602 returned from NEOfixer for 2023 YY1 in test mode (Unknown object: K23Y01Y)

An unsuccessful test may also be due to an internet connection not being available, or a misconfiguration. Check the messages in the application log for more information.

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