The four identifiers used on one or more ADES astrometry lines (permID, provID, trkSub and artSat) can be edited in one operation by right-clicking with the mouse on an astrometry line in the upper edit area and taking the Edit identifiers context menu option. 

The Edit ADES identifiers screen is shown, displaying the values for permID, provID, trkSub and artSat from the line selected by the mouse. Below them are four areas where the identifier values can be edited. Either use the keyboard to edit, or use the mouse to drag and drop text between the areas. 

Table 4 from section 4.2.1 of the Concise Description of the ADES standard document (Version 13-Jul-2018) is displayed as an aid to the valid combinations of the four identifiers. See Validation rules below. 

When editing is complete, press:

  • All to update all astrometry lines that match the four identifiers before they were edited. A count of the number of lines to be affected is shown to the left of the button.
  • Single to update just the selected line that was right-clicked on with the mouse.
  • Cancel (or press the Esc key) to return to the Astrometry parser without making any changes to the identifiers at all.

The edited values are validated and warnings in  red  and advisory messages in  orange  are shown if needed.

Note that regardless of any warnings or advisory messages, the edited values will be used to update the ADES astrometry lines in the upper edit area if either the All or Single buttons are pressed. If the warning and advisory messages are ignored the edited ADES text file may fail validation if subsequently submitted to the MPC.

Any changes made from the Edit ADES identifications screen can be removed if needed using the Undo toolstrip button or Undo context menu option in the upper edit area.

Validation rules include:

  • There must be at least one of the four identifiers present
  • permID is validated to be an MPC unpacked permanent designation (i.e. numbered object) of an asteroid or comet
  • provID is validated to be an MPC's unpacked provisional designation of an asteroid or comet.
  • If both permID and provID are present an advisory message is displayed (the ADES standard specifies that for a numbered object, provID should not be filled and may be ignored by the MPC)
  • trkSub must not be longer than 8 characters (to comply with the ADES standards).
  • If trkSub is 8 characters long an advisory message is displayed, warning that it will be truncated to 7 characters when converting to the MPC1992 column format in the lower edit area.
  • If artSat is present then the only other identifier allowed is trkSub (but trkSub is optional)

Note: If artSat does not exist as a column in the ADES upper edit area the artSat edit area is disabled and cannot be edited.

Here an invalid permanent number has been entered, together with a provisional designation and appropriate warnings and advisories have been displayed:

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