The standard acknowledgement (MPC ACK keyword) line generated by Astrometrica is formatted as:

MPCReport file updated < hh:mm:ss>

where < hh:mm:ss> is the date and time that Astrometrica generated the batch.

The MPC has recommended that observers should make their ACK lines more informative (see MPEC 2018-W60). Changing the ModifyACK setting to True allows an enhanced ACK line to be generated, compiled from the information available to the Astrometry Parser:

<MPC Observatory code> <target type> <object name (or number of objects if more than 1)> < hh:mm:ss> <File ID>

where < hh:mm:ss> is the time the program last parsed the ADES text.

Examples of ACK lines generated with ModifyACK = True:

ACK J95 NEO VI (2021 AY5) file updated 2021.01.23 01:53:59 B

ACK J95 MBA (5 objects) file updated 2020.11.19 00:28:38 K

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