Each time an ADES astrometry batch is sent to the MPC (either to be submitted for processing, or for validation), a text line is added to the Submission Log in comma separated value (.csv) format, including column headings on the first line.

The name of the file is "MPCSbmLog.csv" and it is saved into the folder configured with the FilePath setting. If the file does not exist a new file will be created.

It can be opened by pressing the Open Submission Log toolstrip button, invoking the program associated in the operating system with .csv files.

Note that a copy of the file is actually opened (to stop the file being locked if further submissions are attempted while viewing the file). The copy is called "MPCSbmLogTemp.csv" and located in the same FilePath folder. Press and hold the Ctrl+Shift keys when clicking on the Open Submission Log button to open the original file rather than the copy.

The data fields in the Submission Log are listed here:

Column name


Date logged

Date batch was submitted / validated (local time, in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss format)


"submit" or "validate"


The ADES Astrometry Parser Target Type translated to the values accepted by the MPC for their "Unusual Object?" classification and prefixed with "obj_type=". See Target Type table for translation details.


The file name sent to the MPC, e.g. "MPC20210819B_NEO.psv"


The submitted ACK line within [square brackets] followed by the Submission ID returned from the MPC, e.g.

"[J95 NEO (2021 QC) file updated 2021.08.20 00:57:49 B].  Submission ID is 2021-08-20T00:57:49.887_0000EHer"

"Submission format valid."

"first line of PSV must be '#version=2017'"


The submitted ACK line prefixed with "ack=", e.g.

"ack=J95 NEO (2021 QC) file updated 2021.08.20 00:57:49 B"


The email address used for the AC2 acknowledgement, prefixed with "ac2=", e.g. "ac2=myname@my.email.domain"


The local path to the submitted file at the time of submission, as configured with the FilePath setting.

Temp Submission file

The fully qualified name of the submitted file.

Equivalent to Path \ File.

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