The ADES Astrometry Parser can be used to transmit ADES astrometry directly to the Minor Planet Center by automatically submitting the batch to the MPC's Submit ADES-2017 Pipe-Separated-Values (PSV) Formatted Observations service.

Validation within the ADES Astrometry Parser prior to submitting astrometry to the MPC is limited to checking that the object identifiers (permID, provID, trkSub, artSat) are appropriate for the Target Type selected. See the MPC Type Translation Table for further details. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the ADES information being sent to the MPC is correct. The routines at the MPC will reject batches that are incorrect. See Validate ADES data if syntax needs to be checked.

ADES data has to be saved locally in a text file before it can be submitted to the MPC and the FilePath setting must contain an existing local folder name where these files can be stored.

The ADES text in the upper edit area is saved in a file by pressing the Save text as file toolstrip button and the name of the file saved is shown in the File to submit field.

The folder containing saved files can be opened in Windows Explorer by clicking the Open MPC Reports path with Explorer toolstrip button.

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