If the Add private ADES skeleton comment line (not transmitted to MPC) toolstrip button is used to add “# localuse comment” and “! localuse line” lines for manual editing to the ADES text, then an extra file suffixed “_localuse” will be automatically saved, to hold a version of the ADES data containing the private comments, along with the original file name holding the ADES text without the private comments.

In the previous screen example, if the ADES text had private comments added by the user, then two files would be saved, 

MPC20210121D_NEO_VI.psv                        (No private comments, file for submission to MPC)

MPC20210121D_NEO_VI_localuse.psv        (including private comments, NOT to be submitted to MPC)

The contents of the two files are identical apart from the “# localuse comment” and “! localuse line” lines in the file suffixed "_localuse.psv".

No "local use" version of the MPC1992 formatted file is generated, all comments from "! line" and "! localuse line" ADES lines are converted to MPC1992 format COM lines and are combined into the MPC1992 formatted .txt file. See Conversion to MPC1992 format.

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