version 1.3.46 Rev 05Sep2023

Ephemeris Interpolator calculates the position, apparent speed and direction of motion of a moving object at a given time from an ephemeris using cubic interpolation.

Its intended use is to provide accurate speed and direction information quickly and easily during track & stack operations.

Ephemerides can be downloaded automatically via the Minor Planet Center's MPES and NEOCP services, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Scout and Horizons services and the Catalina Sky Survey's NEOFixer service.

Semi-automatic integration with Find_Orb allows ephemerides generated in Find_Orb to be imported with a single mouse click.

Ephemerides can also be easily copy and pasted in from other sources.

Speed and direction of motion information can be automatically transferred into Astrometrica when using its track & stack functionality.

See below for a more comprehensive list of functionality and links to further information:

Ephemeris Interpolator has been tested to integrate successfully with Astrometrica versions and (ADES beta version), Find_Orb (version Oct 31 2021) and Google Earth Pro (version (64-bit)).

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