Each time an ephemeris is put into the Ephemeris Lines area in the Ephemeris Interpolator it is checked against a set of pre-configured ephemeris formats. If a match is found the format provides details of the columns where the date, time, RA, Dec and optionally speed and P.A.° are located in the ephemeris.

The set of ephemeris formats include a number of commonly used ephemeris formats, but if an ephemeris is encountered that is not yet configured then the Ephemeris Formats Editor can be used to add it to the list of known formats, with minimal effort.

To add a new ephemeris format the Editor requires a single line from the ephemeris in question to use as a 'model' line. The user then selects the Date, Time, RA, Dec, Speed and P.A.° columns one by one, identifying each against a list of names (Year, Month, Day, Hour, Min, Sec, RA, Dec, Speed, PA). 

At the end of an editing session the user is given the choice whether to save or discard all the changes made.

New and updated formats are also available for download from the Ephemeris Interpolator web site using the Check for ephemeris format updates button. The same check is made when the program starts, see Import ephemeris formats for more information.

See Using the editor for details of how to add, change and delete ephemeris formats.

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