Press the Check for ephemeris format updates button in the Ephemeris Formats Editor toolstrip to check for any new or updated ephemeris formats available on the Ephemeris Interpolator web site. An internet connection is required. The button changes to while the check is being made, press the red button to cancel the request if the check is taking too long to complete.

If there are updates available they are listed in the Import Ephemeris Formats window ready for importing.

If there are no updates available the message "No new or updated ephemeris formats are available for import" is displayed.

The individual formats can be selected or de-selected as required. Press Import to download the formats selected with a tick, or press Cancel to return to the Ephemeris Formats Editor without importing any formats.

When the Ephemeris Interpolator starts it automatically checks for new or updated formats and if any are found displays "New/updated ephemeris formats are available, download via the Ephemeris Format Editor" in the message area. Press the Ephemeris Formats Editor button, then the Check for ephemeris format updates button to import.

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