V1.3.0.46 (05 Sep 2023):

New functionality:

Add a new button Stack with speed = 0"/min to the Pad to allow files dropped from Astrometrica to be stacked with a speed of 0 arcsec / minute.


Fix the retrieval of astrometry  for numbered and designated objects following internal changes made by the MPC around 31Aug/01Sep 2023.

V1.3.0.45 (20 Jul 2023):


Fix interpolation calculation where ephemerides extending more than 2 calendar months sometimes did not calculate correctly.

V1.3.0.44 (03 Feb 2023):

New functionality:

Add new toolstrip button Retrieve NEOFixer ephemerides to download ephemerides from the NEOFixer system for NEOs, comets and NEOCP objects. See also NEOFixer considerations.

After starting a drag and drop operation using Stack images by drag and drop, if the wrong ephemeris is selected in the main form, hover the mouse over the required ephemeris tab for a short time to select it, before completing the drag and drop operation onto the Pad.

V1.3.0.43 (31 Dec 2022):

New functionality:

Streamline integration with Astrometrica Track & Stack by allowing files to be dragged from the Astrometrica Select images window and dropped directly onto the Pad. No further user input is required. The mid-time of the dropped files is used to recalculate the speed and P.A. of motion, then the stacking process in Astrometrica is automatically completed using the updated values. New controls on the Pad allow Add, Median or Average stacking to be selected, either manually or during the drag and drop operation. See Stack images by drag and drop.

V1.3.0.42 (15 Nov 2022):


Upgrade Horizons API version from 1.1 to 1.2.

V1.3.0.41 (13 May 2022):


Astrometry was not able to be retrieved from MPES or NEOCP services if the ephemeris date was out of the range of the retrieved ephemeris lines.

V1.3.0.40 (16 Mar 2022):

New functionality:

Add new toolstrip button Retrieve Horizons ephemeris to download ephemerides from the JPL Horizons system for solar system small-bodies (comets and asteroids) and major-bodies (planets, planetary satellites and selected artificial satellites).


Stop the automatic selection of all the text in Object when the mouse is moved away.

V1.3.0.39 (06 Mar 2022):

New functionality:

Add new toolstrip button Retrieve Scout ephemeris to download an ephemeris for a NEOCP object using the JPL SSD/CNEOS Scout service.

All loaded ephemerides can be removed by selecting an object tab and pressing Ctrl+Delete (a prompt is then displayed to confirm deletion of all tabs).

Add checkbox "MPES/NEOCP visible only?" to allow the user to choose whether all ephemeris lines should returned, or just those where the object is above the horizon and the Sun is below the horizon. Applies to the MPC's MPES and NEOCP services only.

Add new PCCP checkbox allowing PCCP objects to be included during NEOCP object selection, regardless of whether their object class (1, 2 or 3) is selected 

Automatically check for new or updated ephemeris formats made available on the Ephemeris Interpolator web site and selectively import.

Enhance the interpolation engine to use cubic interpolation if enough ephemeris lines are available

Display an estimate of the positional error due to the interpolation process.

In Ephemeris Format Editor, the keyboard can now be used to set columns in a model line as well as the mouse.

If the object name is empty when a Find_Orb ephemeris is being imported the object name from the Find_Orb ephemeris is put into the object name.


Modify the calculation of the ephemeris start time for MPES, NEOCP (and Scout) ephemerides to ensure at least two lines are available before and after the required date and time.

Various minor bug fixes.

V1.3.0.38 (16 Oct 2021):

New functionality:

Default the object qualifier to "FO" if empty when a Find_Orb ephemeris is being imported. Add a Check for Updates to notify the user when new versions are available for download

V1.3.36 (04 Jun 2021):

New functionality:

Add new tool strip button to add an ephemeris directly from the last ephemeris generated in Find_Orb (via the Find_Orb ephemeri.txt file). Add new setting FindOrbPath to locate ephemeri.txt files. User needs to ensure the format of the Find_Orb ephemeris can be matched to an existing format in the Ephemeris Interpolator.

V1.3.35 (03 Apr 2021):


Some NEOCP object names were being misinterpreted as packed MPC provisional designations. Revised tooltip text for Object and Object List controls.

V1.3.34 (02 Mar 2021):


Internal tool strip behaviour modifications

V1.3.33 (13 Mar 2021):

Initial public release

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