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Custom Software used at Great Shefford

Astrometrica Selector

Astrometrica Selector overview

User guide

Astrometrica Selector is a small utility designed to make it easier and quicker to start the Astrometrica application with a specific set of Program settings when more than one set are in regular use.

For instance, you may be using different program settings for:

  • each telescope you use (e.g. using different Observing sites or CCD settings)
  • measuring astrometry or photometry (e.g. using different CCD, Program or Catalog settings)

Using Astrometrica Selector, the choice of configuration to be used is made before Astrometrica is started, rather than afterwards.

Astrometrica Selector can be used to start Astrometrica in two modes:

  • Start Astrometrica Selector, select a Program settings configuration file from a list then press Launch Astrometrica using selected settings (see the user guide for more information) to start Astrometrica.
  • Use a Windows shortcut to Astrometrica Selector to start Astrometrica using settings from a specific Program settings configuration file, even if that file is not the one Astrometrica used last. Astrometrica Selector can automatically create the Windows shortcuts for any of your existing Program settings configuration files. See Create Desktop shortcut for file in the user guide for more information.
Astrometrica Selector can also be used to set the default program settings file to be used the next time Astrometrica is started, without needing to start Astrometrica itself. See Save selected CFG file as default in the user guide for more information.

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