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Meetings attended:
Meeting Dates & Location Details
The Astronomer AGM 2022 29th October 2022,  Newbury, Berkshire, England Presented 'Photometry of Near Earth Asteroids'.
BAA Asteroids & Remote Planets Section Meeting 29th September 2019, Clanfield Memorial Hall, Hampshire, England Presented 'Some recent changes affecting NEO follow-up' as part of the BAA ARPS section meeting

Speakers at the 2019 September ARPS Meeting

The Astronomer 50th AGM / Basingstoke Astronomical Society 10th anniversary meeting 10th May 2014, Basingstoke, England Programme


BAA Winchester Weekend 2014 12 April 2014, Winchester, England   Presented  'What is the precise position of Amateurs in Minor Planet Astrometry today?' as part of the BAA Asteroids and Remote Planets Section meeting.
Next up at @britastro's Winchester Weekend is Peter Birtwhistle...
The Astronomer AGM 13th Oct 2012, Basingstoke, England  
Joint meeting of the BAA Comet section and Asteroids and Remote Planets section 6th Oct 2012, Berrill Lecture Theatre, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, England  Programme
BAA Ordinary Meeting and George Alcock Memorial Lecture 30th May 2012, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London Delivered the George Alcock Memorial Lecture: "Is it worth losing sleep over?"
RAS Burlington House Lecture TheatreProf Bill Leatherbarrow with Peter Birtwhistle...
Visit to the Catalina Sky Survey team 5th February 2011, Tucson, AZ What a night...
MACE 2010 (details) 21-23 May 2010, Višnjan/Tićan, Croatia
The Astronomer AGM 24th Oct 2009, Basingstoke, England Video
The Astronomer AGM 10-11 Oct 2008, Norman Lockyer Observatory, near Sidmouth, Devon  England  
SAGAS Summer Meeting (Southern Area Group of Astronomical Societies) 19th July 2008, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England Presented 'Practical NEO work where amateurs can still make a contribution'
BAA annual Exhibition Meeting 30th June 2007, National Space Centre, Leicester Presented with the BAA's Steavenson Award for 2007 by Richard Miles, President BAA
Next up at @britastro's Winchester Weekend is Peter Birtwhistle...
BAA Asteroids & Remote Planets Section Meeting 2nd June 2007, Newbury, Berkshire, England Presented 'Tracking Near Earth Asteroids'
Ewell Astronomical Society 11th May 2007, Cheam, Surrey, England Presented 'Tracking Near Earth Asteroids'
The Astronomer AGM 23 Sep 2006, Basingstoke, England Four amateur supernova discoverers
MACE 2006 12-14 May 2006 Vienna, Austria Presented 'Direct determination of NEO distance by parallax' with Monty Robson
Abingdon Astronomical Society 14 Nov 2005, Abingdon, England Presented 'Chasing Near Earth Asteroids'
The Astronomer AGM 22 Oct 2005, Basingstoke, England  
BAA Winchester Weekend 2005 2 April 2005, Winchester, England Presented 'Near-Earth Asteroids - Watch out! - Observing Near Earth Objects'
The Astronomer AGM 9 Oct 2004, Basingstoke, England Programme & photos
MACE 2004 (details) 27-30 May 2004, Frasso Sabino, near Rome, Italy Presented 'The NEO Follow-up Program at Great Shefford Observatory'
IWCA III (Third International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy) 4-6 June 2004 Paris/Meudon, France Presented 'Introduction to the Astrometry of Comets'
The Astronomer AGM 10-12 Oct 2003, Alston Hall near Preston, England Programme & photos
MACE 2003 (details) 1-4 May 2003, Costitx, Mallorca, Spain
The Astronomer AGM 26 Oct 2002, Basingstoke, England Presented '20 years in Astrometry is a long time'
The Astronomer AGM 22 Sep 2001, Basingstoke, England Programme
International Halley Watch Astrometry Network Workshop 18-19 June 1984, ESO, Garching, Germany  IHW Astrometry Network group photo

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