MPC1992 format header lines are generated from data in both ADES header and ADES detail lines. In the table below text in <angle braces> indicates the source of data values used in the translation. If an ADES element and/or sub-element is not listed here it is not used in the conversion to MPC1992 format.

Header translation table:

ADES element

ADES sub-element

Conversion to MPC1992 keyword 

Multiple allowed?

# observatory

! mpcCode <code>

COD <code>

# observers

! name <name>

OBS <name>


# measurers

! name <name>

MEA <name>


# telescope

! design <design>

! aperture <aperture>

! fRatio <fRatio>

! detector <detector>

TEL <Aperture>-m f/<fRatio> <design> + <detector>

e.g. TEL 0.41-m f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain + CCD

ACK <see ACK lines and ModifyACK setting>

AC2 < AC2 setting>

# comment

! line <comment>

COM <comment>


# localuse comment

! localuse line <comment>

COM <comment>


(astCat value from first ADES astrometry line)

astCat <starCat>

NET <description>

<starCat> is checked against the last downloaded list of catalogues from the astCat/photCat (Star Catalogs) section of the MPC's ADES Field Values page. The Description column in that list is used for translation. If the catalogue is marked as deprecated, the <description> is appended with "(deprecated)".  See also Refresh Star Catalogue list from MPC on the Settings screen.

MPC1992 detail lines are generated directly from values in ADES detail lines.

Detail translation table (any columns not specified are left blank):

ADES column name(s)

MPC1992 column range

Conversion to MPC1992

permID, provID, trkSub, artSat

1 - 12

Highest priority ADES ID available is used, in order of permID (highest priority), provID, artSat then trkSub. If permID or provID are used they are translated to MPC packed format


14 - 14

First (if any) of Observing Notes codes in ADES notes column


15 - 15

If ADES mode value is "CCD" then use "C"

If ADES mode value is "CMO" then use "B"

else leave blank


16 - 32

ADES date in ISO 8601 extended format converted to decimal. If the ADES time includes decimal seconds then the MPC1992 day value is given to 6 digits, otherwise given to 5 digits


33 - 43

Decimal Right Ascension degrees (0 - 360) converted to sexagesimal hours minutes and seconds (hh mm with seconds to 2 decimal places, or 3 decimal places if setting RADecExtraDigit = True.


45 - 55

Decimal Declination degrees (-90 - +90) converted to sexagesimal degrees minutes seconds (┬▒dd mm ss.s) with seconds to 1 decimal place, or 2 decimal places if setting RADecExtraDigit = True.


66 - 70

If a value is present in ADES mag column convert with the same precision, up to a maximum of 2 decimal places, else leave blank.


71 - 71

1-character ADES bands are used without change as MPC1992 bands.

2-character ADES bands are translated to 1-character MPC1992 bands as follows:

Johnson-Cousins Vj, Rc, Ic, Bj, Uj are translated to V, R, I, B, U.

Sloan Sg, Sr, Si, Sz are translated to g, r, i, z.

Pan-STARRS Pg, Pr, Pi, Pz, Pw, Py are translated to g, r, i, z, w, y.

ATLAS Ao, Ac are translated to o, c.

Gaia Gb, Gr are translated to b, r.

Note there are ambiguous translations (e.g. Sr, Pr, Gr all translate to r).

The current band ADES Field Values used by the MPC are given in the band (Photometric Passbands) section of the MPC's ADES Field Values page. 


78 - 80

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