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Custom Software used at Great Shefford

ADES Astrometry Parser

ADES Astrometry Parser overview

User guide

Following an announcement in July 2018 the Minor Planet Center adopted ADES (Astrometry Data Exchange Standard) as the preferred format for observers to supply astrometric information to them, superseding the older 80-column MPC1992 format, though both formats are currently accepted by the MPC.

The ADES standard includes two formats, XML and PSV (Pipe-Separated Values) and Astrometrica (version 4.12 onwards) generates PSV formatted files only.

Although ADES holds much more information than the older format it is not as convenient to use for humans, e.g. column headings are required in the PSV version, but those can vary from submission to submission, so combining astrometry from different sources and sorting into chronological order is much easier with the MPC1992 format.

The ADES Astrometry Parser was written to allow ADES PSV formatted files generated directly from Astrometrica to be converted back to MPC1992 format if needed but also to allow safe editing of the ADES files and to provide automatic submission to the MPC, making ADES files just as easy to use as emailing MPC1992 files has been in the past.

The Astrometry Parser loads ADES data directly from Astrometrica and optionally displays just those lines that have not yet been submitted to the MPC.
The ADES lines can be edited, including insertion of comment lines and the removal of all photometry fields from a line if required.
A "Parse and Convert" toolbar button converts the ADES data into MPC1992 format which is displayed in the bottom half of the screen.
Each submission is saved to disk in ADES PSV format and also in 80-column MPC1992 format before transmission of the ADES file to the MPC using cURL. The selected type of object being reported (e.g. NEOCP, NEO etc.) is used to submit the correct object type to the MPC.
The user has the choice of submitting to the live MPC server, or just validating without submitting, using the MPC's "Validating ADES-2017 PSV Formatted Observations" function.
A record of each submission is kept in a text log, containing the Submission ID returned from the MPC or details of failure.
For ADES batches containing already designated NEOs, Astrometry Parser can submit Reported status to NEOfixer.

See the User Guide for further functionality and more detailed information. Download the software here

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