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Editorial Notices and Announcements published by the Minor Planet Center in MPECs 

Listed below are Editorial Notices and other announcements published in the Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs) that are otherwise difficult to locate.

Please note:
Many Subjects have been re-worded for brevity/clarity or where no title was originally given.
- The list is intended to be complete for all MPECs issued since their inception with MPEC 1993-S01 on 1993 September 19. Please use the Contacts form to report any omissions found.

Circular Subject Date
MPEC 2024-J297 Deletion of 2024 JV8 2024 May 13
MPEC 2024-J105 Editorial Notice: The IAU WGSBN announces the scheduled move of the Name Submission/Voting site from the MPC server to the WSGBN website 2024 May 06
MPEC 2024-F100 Editorial Notice: Daily Orbit Update MPEC 2024-F98 retracted 2024 Mar 29
MPEC 2024-B180 Editorial Notice: A minor update to the digest2 code 2024 Jan 31
MPEC 2024-B152 Retraction of M.P.E.C. 2023-B144 and P/2023 X5 2024 Jan 29
MPEC 2023-X224 Retraction of MPEC 2023-X222 and MPEC 2023-X223 2023 Dec 12
MPEC 2023-P34 Deletion of 2015 LA65 2023 Aug 07
MPEC 2023-P03 Digest2 updates 2023 Aug 01
MPEC 2023-N44 Retraction of 2023 NM 2023 Jul 10
MPEC 2023-M165 MPC planned power outage - Saturday 8 July 2023 2023 Jun 29
MPEC 2022-U222 International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) Timing Campaign 2022 Oct 24
MPEC 2022-U79 Deletion of 2022 UQ1 2022 Oct 20
MPEC 2022-T103 Revised Text at the top of MPECs 2022 Oct 07
MPEC 2022-T98 Maunakea observatory codes 2022 Oct 06
MPEC 2022-M08 Deprecation of MPC Web Pages 2022 Jun 17
MPEC 2021-U198 Editorial: MPC planned power outage - Saturday 6 Nov. 2021
(Note: originally issued as MPEC 2021-U198, duplicating the number for an already issued circular for NEO 2021 UP3. The Editorial Notice is no longer available as an online MPEC)
2021 Oct 29
MPEC 2021-T79 International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) Timing Campaign 2021 Oct 05
MPEC 2021-S84 Retraction of M.P.E.C. 2021-S81 2021 Sep 25
MPEC 2021-S42 Announcing an update that affects the posting of new candidates to the NEO Confirmation Page (NEOCP) and NEO Rating service (digest2) 2021 Sep 19
MPEC 2021-L120 MPC planned power outage - Saturday 12 June 2021 2021 Jun 10
MPEC 2021-J216 New minor planet names will be announced via a new IAU-approved PDF publication, the WGSBN Bulletin 2021 May 14
MPEC 2021-H90 Suspected Artificial Objects on the NEOCP 2021 Apr 20
MPEC 2021-G106 Two updates that affect the posting of new candidates to the NEO Confirmation Page (NEOCP)
1. digest2 Population Model
2. Bright objects
2021 Apr 08
MPEC 2021-D81 Publication of Data in ADES Format 2021 Feb 22
MPEC 2021-D62 Deletion of 2020 SO 2021 Feb 19
MPEC 2021-D61 JIRA Helpdesk Platform 2021 Feb 19
MPEC 2021-D60 New Acting MPC Director Dr. Matthew Payne 2021 Feb 19
MPEC 2020-Y98 IAWN Planetary Defense Exercise: Apophis 2020 Dec 23
MPEC 2020-X56 Deletion of 2020 XA1 2020 Dec 07
MPEC 2020-X21 Erroneous MPECs 2020-X01 and 2020-X02 2020 Dec 05
MPEC 2020-W46 IAWN Planetary Defense Exercise: Apophis 2020 Nov 17
MPEC 2020-V139 (317) Roxane I = Olympias 2020 Nov 14
MPEC 2020-T166 Reporting Identifications involving Objects on the NEOCP
Note: Same content as MPEC 2020-T165 (different quotes used surrounding the word identification)
2020 Oct 15
MPEC 2020-T164 (3548) Eurybates I = Queta 2020 Oct 15
MPEC 2020-O10 Retraction of 2018 SV13 2020 Jul 17
MPEC 2020-N22 Retraction of 2011 UH413 and 2013 QQ95 2020 Jul 07
MPEC 2020-M83 (65803) Didymos I = Dimorphos 2020 Jun 23
MPEC 2020-K201 Reporting Identifications 2020 May 27
MPEC 2020-H197 Cessation of Automatic Minor Planet Electronic Circulars for High Eccentricity Asteroids 2020 Apr 27
MPEC 2020-G97 Deletion of 2020 GL2 2020 Apr 13
MPEC 2020-D104 2020 CD3: Temporarily Captured Object 2020 Feb 25
MPEC 2020-C130 GARETH WILLIAMS 2020 Feb 11
MPEC 2020-A113 Satellite S/2018 (3548) 1 of Trojan asteroid (3548) Eurybates 2020 Jan 10
MPEC 2019-O55 MPC Extended Numbering Scheme 2019 Jul 24
MPEC 2019-O37 MPC Development Projects 2019 Jul 19
MPEC 2019-M60 Recent Service Disruption 2019 Jun 20
MPEC 2019-M21 Retraction of Orbit for 2019 KV6 2019 Jun 18
MPEC 2019-F26 New NEOCP Processing Pipeline is Active 2019 Mar 18
MPEC 2019-E58 Satellite of (41) Daphne 2019 Mar 06
MPEC 2019-E37 New NEOCP Processing Pipeline 2019 Mar 04
MPEC 2019-D16 Neptune XIV (Hippocamp) name approved 2019 Feb 20
MPEC 2018-W60 Requirements for the New MPC Observation Acceptance Pipeline 2018 Nov 27
MPEC 2018-U68 Retraction of 2015 VB172 2018 Oct 24
MPEC 2018-P109 SONIA KEYS (1961-2018) 2018 Aug 15
MPEC 2018-N52 ADES Submissions and the new Processing Pipeline 2018 Jul 11
MPEC 2018-H54 Comet Magnitudes and A/ Objects 2018 Apr 20
MPEC 2018-C40 Retraction of 2018 CU 2018 Feb 07
MPEC 2017-X05 Minor Planet Center and HTTPS: 2017 Dec 02
MPEC 2017-V17 New Designation Scheme for Interstellar Objects 2017 Nov 06
MPEC 2017-U32 Job Opportunities at the Minor Planet Center 2017 Oct 17
MPEC 2016-O402 Retraction of 2010 TH1922016 Jul 27
MPEC 2016-H46 Satellite S/2015 (136472) 1 of Makemake 2016 Apr 26
MPEC 2015-Y31 Retraction of 2015 YB 2015 Dec 19
MPEC 2015-S98 This Circular Has Been Abandoned2015 Sep 28
MPEC 2015-R66 Retraction of 2015 RM352015 Sep 12
MPEC 2015-O06 A new astrometry data exchange standard has been proposed 2015 Jul 16
MPEC 2015-H125 Deletion of 2015 HP1162015 Apr 27
MPEC 2015-C61 Retraction of 2015 BS515 2015 Feb 12
MPEC 2014-X55 Deletion of 2014 XU3 2014 Dec 10
MPEC 2014-H70 Designation 2014 HC5 is being retracted 2014 Apr 29
MPEC 2013-Q25 2013 QW1 is to be deleted2013 Aug 23
MPEC 2013-A21 1. New NEOCP Landing Page
2. NEOCP Desirability Scores
3. mpc@cfa vs obs@cfa
2013 Jan 05
MPEC 2012-Y43 Numbering of Periodic Comets 272P-275P 2012 Dec 31
MPEC 2012-V61 Numbering of Periodic Comets 266P-271P2012 Nov 10
MPEC 2012-F55 Mailing of MPECS 2012 Mar 22
MPEC 2012-E38 Retraction of 2012 EL1 2012 Mar 05
MPEC 2012-D99 Deletion of 2012 DU32 2012 Feb 28
MPEC 2012-B08 Deletion of 2011 YH74 2012 Jan 19
MPEC 2011-E67 Recent observing practices ... dramatic increase in problem batches 2011 Mar 11
MPEC 2010-W10 BRIAN MARSDEN (1937 Aug. 5-2010 Nov. 18)2010 Nov 18
MPEC 2010-U20 The Minor Planet Center recently changed the way discovery credit was assigned to new discoveries. 2010 Oct 19
MPEC 2010-N23 Deletion of 2010 KQ = Artificial Object2010 Jul 07
MPEC 2009-A18 ... Seeking input on possible programs to detect, characterize or mitigate the hazards of NEOs 2009 Jan 02
MPEC 2008-M37 The seventeenth edition of the MPC/CBAT "Catalogue of Cometary Orbits" 2008 Jun 25
MPEC 2007-V70 2007 VN84 does not exist and the designation is to be retired2007 Nov 09
MPEC 2006-R19 ... the solar system contains just eight "planets" 2006 Sep 07
MPEC 2006-N03 A computer mis-hap has resulted in the loss of several of the proposals
of names for minor planets
2006 Jul 01
MPEC 2004-S73 The naming of (90377) Sedna = 2003 VB12 has created some controversy ... 2004 Sep 28
MPEC 2003-V27 Orbital information problems in the Minor Planet Center's webpages during the past few days 2003 Nov 06
MPEC 2002-Y16 Owing to staff absences, the batches of Minor Planet Circulars ... will be replaced by a single mini-batch 2002 Dec 16
MPEC 2002-S33 Staff absences from the Minor Planet Center 2002 Sep 21
MPEC 2002-Q20 Permission requested for "one-night stands" to be made publicly available 2002 Aug 22
MPEC 2002-D44 The acceptance and publication of new names for minor planets 2002 Feb 27
MPEC 2002-C06 The use of the Epoch 2002 May 6.0 TT (rather than 2001 Oct. 18.0 TT) will become effective after the next batch of MPCs 2002 Feb 02
MPEC 2002-A03 MPC funding issues2002 Jan 02
MPEC 2001-W73 MPC funding issues and MPC priorities2001 Nov 30
MPEC 2001-V02 MPC funding issues2001 Nov 01
MPEC 2001-J16 Production of an MPC "mini" batch2001 May 11
MPEC 1999-C10 Clarification of purpose of Editorial Notice on MPEC 1999-C03 1999 Feb 05
MPEC 1999-C03 Opinions invited whether Pluto should be numbered (10000) 1999 Feb 04
MPEC 1998-P24 - CfA CF rejecting all email from some internet domains
- E-MAIL delivery options for IAUCs and MPECs
1998 Aug 15
MPEC 1997-X17 Introduction of Daily Orbit Updates1997 Dec 15
MPEC 1995-M03 Special care in claiming TNO discoveries at solar elongations centred around 125-130 deg. 1995 Jun 17
MPEC 1995-C20 Policy changes:
- "uncertainty number" U introduced
- Recognition of comet recoveries
- The issuing of errata
1995 Feb 15
MPEC 1993-Y05 Proposal to issue in these Circulars monthly lists of the unusual minor planets1993 Dec 25
MPEC 1993-S01 The MPC is introducing a series of Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs) 1993 Sep 19

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