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Burwash (MPC Code 576)

Alan Young moved his 0.57-m f/4.73 reflector from Hemingford Abbots (MPC code 489) in Cambridgeshire to Burwash, East Sussex in 1983 and operated it until his death in 1990 (obituary). The dome at Burwash was still in place as late as 2013 in GoogleEarth images but was gone by 2014.

The telescope and equatorial mount has now been moved to a purpose-built observatory building at Cranbrook School in Kent, managed and operated by CADSAS (Cranbrook and District Science and Astronomy Society) and has been completely refurbished and put back into operation, an update is given here.

This image from GoogleEarth (imagery date 9 Jul 2013) provides the following coordinates for Burwash Observatory:

Longitude 000 22' 27.93" W, latitude 50 59' 44.14" N, height 70 m, 3 m (height of instrument)

and an undated picture of the observatory building from the ground at Burwash is available from the CADAS 'History of the Alan Young Telescope' page and reproduced here:

To estimate the height of the telescope above ground level, assuming the white doors are 6 ft 6 in high, the flat roof would then be 8 ft 8 in (2.7 m) from the ground and the height of the telescope about 3 m.

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