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C/2005 N5 (CATALINA)

Announced on IAUC 8568 and MPEC 2005-N74 this comet was observed from Great Shefford in morning twilight 15 hours after discovery by the Catalina Survey and again the next morning, while it was still on the NEO Confirmation Page.

A stack of all exposures taken on the first morning appeared to show a faint, straight tail extending to the NNW, but conditions were not very good. A message was sent to the Minor Planet Center with the details.

The next morning conditions were somewhat better and a longer set of exposures were taken. When these were stacked they showed the faint, thin tail in precisely the same direction (p.a. 345) and length (75").

With just two days of observations available when announced on 14 July 2005, both a parabolic orbit (as given in IAUC 8568) and a short period ellipse can be fitted to the positions. Further positions obtained in subsequent days will show whether the comet is short period or not.


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