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C/2005 N1 (Juels-Holvorcem)

A second discovery from the collaboration between Charles Juels in Arizona and Paulo Holvorcem in Campinas, Brazil was announced in IAUC 8557 and MPEC 2005-N10 on 3rd July  2005. Comet C/2005 N1 (Juels-Holvorcem) was located low in the north east sky just before dawn and had been hidden in the Sun's glare before discovery. When found it was almost at its maximum elongation (only 47), before gradually closing in again on the Sun as it approached perihelion on 22 Aug 2005. 

The first observation of C/2005 N1 from Great Shefford was obtained early on the morning of 21 July 2005, nearly three weeks after discovery, only after some Hawthorn hedging had been cut back to expose the low north-east sky line. The image above was taken with the Sun 15 below the horizon and with the Moon just 9 hours before full brightening the sky.

The brightest central part of the coma is 12" in diameter. A 20" fan appears to extend from the north, through north-west and merging into the 40" long stubby tail pointing almost due west.


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