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P/2003 O2 (LINEAR)

Close ups of the diffuse coma are shown here.

Two main belt asteroids also appear:

(8577) Choseikomori left of centre at bottom, trail angled to the rest of the stars
(13012) 1987 SO5 short trail 2/3rds down north side of comet's tail

This image, taken 10 days later shows the comet essentially unchanged. The diffuse and unconcentrated nature of the coma is shown on the screen print from Astrometrica (below)

The 'Object Verification' form in Astrometrica allows the user to check that the program has correctly centred on the brightest part of the image. An aperture radius of 3 pixels was used here, the red circle representing a diameter of 9 arc seconds.

The graph at top right shows a solid red curve representing the theoretical fit of the measured brightness values of the pixels in the image. The profile of the coma does not follow this line and flattens off without any concentration in the central 3 pixels (about 5 arcseconds). Measuring accurate astrometry is difficult in these circumstances.

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