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2004 CQ (small Amor making close approach to Earth)

Estimated at only 35-75 metres in diameter, 2004 CQ was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey just before 7am UT on 10th Feb 2004 moving swiftly South-East and followed up at Powell Observatory, Crni Vrh, Observatori Astronomic de Consell, Observatorio Astronomico de Mallorca and at Great Shefford. The object was announced on MPEC 2004-C39 less than 19 hours after the first image obtained at Catalina.

Conditions at Great Shefford were quite poor, with a general layer of thin high cloud and the moon 4 days past full causing a lot of background illumination. To get a strong image, a total of sixty-six 14 second exposures were taken, but stacked to provide just two images for measurement.

The asteroid reaches perihelion just outside the Earth's orbit on 15 Feb 2004 and was 0.044 AU (about 17 lunar distances) from the Earth at discovery. It stays within 0.1 AU of Earth for a month.


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