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2003 YG118 (Potentially hazardous Apollo)


21 images were taken on the night of January 11th 2004 and stacked to keep the NEO stationary (left image) and also stacked to make the NEO trail to show the galaxy within the field (right image)

2003 YG118 was discovered on 28th December 2003 by LINEAR and announced the next day on MPEC 2003-Y91 including pre-discovery images from both LINEAR and LONEOS and both from the 17th of that month.

Both the NEO risk monitors NEODyS and JPL listed 2003 YG118 during the next few days as having possible impact solutions in the period 2033 - 2079, but then both removed it as further astrometric observations were received. Following further positions a week later, JPL put the object back on the risk register with a single impact solution in 2087.

As 2003 YG118 is well placed in 2004 both before and after its mid May perihelion it is expected that the impact solutions will be able to be ruled out during this apparition (it will be well placed in the northern hemisphere from December 2003 to March 2004, then well placed for the southern hemisphere and as bright as 17th mag as it pulls away from the Sun in late June 2004, fading from view by the year's end)

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