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The Great Shefford Observatory is a private astronomical observatory situated in West Berkshire, England, about 60 miles west of central London, run by me, Peter Birtwhistle.

The observatory has been fully operational since 26 May 2002 (see our first light image at right) with a 12" diameter telescope and electronic camera (CCD). A programme of astrometry was started on 30th May 2002. Observatory code J95 was allocated to Great Shefford Observatory by the Minor Planet Center in June 2002.

In June 2005 the 12" telescope was upgraded to a 16" and in September 2005 the CCD was also upgraded, allowing fainter objects to be detected.

First light picture from Great Shefford Observatory

The work done at Great Shefford is primarily:

  • following up newly discovered Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) to help improve their orbits so their position can eventually be predicted far into the future to check they don't endanger the Earth

  • cometary astrometry, concentrating on the fainter objects that don't get quite so much attention as many of the brighter objects.

Other objects are also imaged, including Gamma Ray Bursters, Supernovae, some unusual man-made satellites and deep sky objects.

 Please have a look around and see some of the things I've been doing and check out the What's new page for recent changes.

Meteor photobombs Apollo object 2017 TN6 on 28 April 2024

13 x 12 sec exposures, field 18' x 18', 0.4-m Schmidt-Cass + CCD

A meteor crosses the field while potentially hazardous Apollo asteroid 2017 TN6 was being imaged on 28 April 2024.
The ionised trail left behind in the upper atmosphere drifts out of view over the next 2 minutes and 40 seconds.
(The asteroid is too faint to see in the individual images)

(archive of home page pictures)

Operations at Great Shefford Observatory are supported in part by the Planetary Society via the 2005 Gene Shoemaker NEO Grant and by the British Astronomical Association via the 2005 Ridley Grant.

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