Settings can be displayed and modified by pressing the Settings button on the toolstrip.

Settings are grouped into categories for convenience and are described below:






URL of the Minor Planet Center's 'Where Are My Observations?' web page. Used by the Open Where Are My Observations? page toolstrip button.


URL of the Minor Planet Center's 'Where Are My Observations?' web service. Used by the Submit to WAMO web service toolstrip button.

User settings


When the response from the WAMO web service is received after pressing the Submit to WAMO web service toolstrip button, the response is reformatted, with the OutputSeparator being inserted between each data field before the text is placed in the Output area.

Enter 0, 1 or more characters to be used as the field separator. The default is '|' (the pipe character). Enter the word PIPE or blank out the setting to automatically use the '|' pipe character.  Enter the word TAB to generate tab separated output (ASCII code 9).

Note: It is not advisable to use a comma ',' as the WAMO response text can include commas.


True/False. Used by the Clean input and the Submit to WAMO web service toolstrip buttons when converting astrometry in ADES format to MPC1992 format text.

When submitting MPC1992 format astrometry to the WAMO service it must be formatted exactly as originally submitted. If originally submitted in ADES format the Minor Planet Center convert ADES to MPC1992 format for publication in e.g. MPECs.

Setting RADecExtraDigit to True causes the WAMO Viewer to generate seconds in Right Ascension with 3 decimal digits, Declination with 2 decimal digits, setting to False generates seconds in Right Ascension with 2 decimal digits, Declination with 1 decimal digit.

Set RADecExtraDigit appropriately to match the precision used by the MPC when the observations were originally submitted.

Prior to ~ 2022 April 1st the MPC generally converted ADES astrometry equivalent to RADecExtraDigit = False and after 2022 April 1st equivalent to RADecExtraDigit = True.

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