When the program is run for the first time, depending on how the program is to be used it may require some settings to be modified. To facilitate this the Settings window will be displayed automatically. (The Settings window can be displayed later by pressing the Settings button in the toolstrip).

A number of settings have default values, seen below on the right-hand side of the Settings window:

The following settings should be reviewed and values entered if required before continuing:


Required if ...


... submitting batches of astrometry to the MPC


... integration with Astrometrica is required. If Astrometrica is already installed this setting should be configured automatically, but can be set manually to the folder where the Astrometrica.INI file is located if needed.


... saving (archiving) ADES and MPC1992 astrometry text files 


Saving program settings to an external text file as a backup.


astrometry is submitted to the MPC and the user requires an email confirmation that the batch has been received by the MPC.

Press OK when settings have been entered. The main Astrometry Parser window will then display.

For a description of all settings please see Settings.

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