version 1.1.58 Rev 01Apr2024

ADES Astrometry Parser is an editor and manager of ADES astrometry files. It can be used stand-alone, but is designed to integrate with ADES* versions of Astrometrica to streamline the processing and submission of astrometric measurements to the Minor Planet Center.

Functionality includes:

  • Converting astrometry in ADES pipe-separated values format (PSV) into the Minor Planet Center’s older 80-column MPC1992 format. 
  • ADES PSV formatted text can be loaded from various sources, including
    • reading directly from the Astrometrica output file (ADESReport.psv)
    • Drag and drop ADES .psv files from Windows Explorer
    • Paste ADES psv text from the Windows clipboard.
  • Optionally the program can submit ADES formatted astrometry directly to the Minor Planet Center, maintaining a submission log of the submitted files which includes the Submission-ID from the returned response text from the MPC. Copies of each ADES text file submitted, together with a matching MPC1992 format version file are locally archived.
  • When submitting ADES astrometry to the MPC for provisionally designated or numbered NEOs, the objects can optionally be reported to the NEOfixer web site to help optimise the prioritisation of NEOs for other observers.
  • Existing astrometry of known objects can be retrieved from the Minor Planet Center and combined with the astrometry in the editor and placed on the Windows clipboard.

Note: There are some MPC web pages where astrometry can be entered but where the new ADES format is not yet accepted, e.g., the MPChecker. The ADES Astrometry parser can be used to convert ADES format to the older MPC1992 format so it can be used in those web pages, but it should NOT be used to convert and then submit astrometry in the old MPC1992 format to the MPC. If you have ADES formatted astrometry it should be submitted to the MPC directly, without conversion.

* Astrometrica version 4.12, released in 2018 is the first version to generate ADES formatted output files, see here for more information. Earlier versions (up to version 4.11) generate files in the Minor Planet Center’s 80-column MPC1992 format and therefore no integration with the ADES Astrometry Parser is possible with those older versions.

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