V1.0.36 (22 Apr 2022):


Ruler tooltip was not being shown correctly when extrapolating a manually entered start and end time backwards into previous day

V1.0.35 (05 Mar 2022):


Minor internal modifications

V1.0.34 (15 Oct 2021):

New functionality:

Draw ruler by dragging mouse

Add an arrow to the end of the Ruler line

Simplify setting of the Ruler start and end positions

Select and deselect FITS images by dragging mouse on Screen Ruler

Copy selected FITS image files to a folder for stacking

Undo and Redo changes made to the position of the ruler

Allow times in FITS DATE-OBS keyword to be configured as start, mid, or end of exposure times.

Add Help (this documentation) via new Help toolstrip button

Replace Instructions with "Instruction summary" help topic

Add a Check for Updates to notify user when new versions of Screen Ruler are available for download

V1.0.33 (30 Jul 2021):


Cursor position along ruler was not calculating accurately when line was nearly vertical or horizontal

V1.0.32 (18 Mar 2021):


Internal toolstrip behaviour modifications

V1.0.31 (02 Mar 2021):


Registration modifications

V1.0.29 (04 Feb 2021):

Initial public release

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