Last updated 01 Jan 2019

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NEO Confirmation Page Objects in 2019

The current, MPC maintained "Previous NEO Confirmation Page Objects" can be found here.

The following objects were listed previously on this page (and have now received provisional designations, where appropriate): 

2018 YW2 = P10KI9X (Jan. 2.48 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A16]
2018 YV2 = ZYB1B67 (Jan. 2.48 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A15]
2018 YT2 = ZYB032A (Jan. 2.47 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A13]
2018 YU2 = ZYB0278 (Jan. 2.47 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A14]
2018 YS2 = ZYAE628 (Jan. 2.47 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A12]
2018 YR2 = ZYAD93D (Jan. 2.47 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A11]
2018 YQ2 = ZYAC8A7 (Jan. 2.47 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A18]
2018 YO2 = ZTF025u (Jan. 2.47 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A17]
2018 YP2 = ZYAC3B8 (Jan. 2.47 UT) [see MPEC 2019-A10]
2016 SN2 = P10KLym (Jan. 1.83 UT)


* Problem with astrometry

(Note: Objects marked by the Minor Planet Center as "was not a minor planet" have been identified where possible with artificial satellites in the listing above, those identifications that are thought to be uncertain are marked with a "?". Many identifications taken from Bill Gray's Online Sat-ID page)

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